Google Docs Presentation Outline

Google Docs Presentation Outline
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Google Docs for Collaboration

Learning Target:  I can use google docs for collaboration with my Summer Learning Academy teaching partner (if I so choose!).

  1. Youtube Video from Common Craft ([youtube])
  1. Use for sharing comments/questions as you watch.
  • Dashboard Organization
    1. List of Files
    2. Upload Button
    3. Create New Button
  • Document Creation
    1. Real-time Chat
  • Document Sharing
  • Document Publishing
  • Google Forms
    1. Examples
    1. Pre Meeting Survey
    2. Post Meeting Feedback
  • Give it a Try!
    1. Sign in or Sign up for a Google Account (
    2. Create a Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation,  and share it with someone else...)

    Google Docs makes it easy to create, store and share online documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

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