Copyright, Creative Commons and Public Domain

Copyright Law and Solutions
Learning Target:?? I can define explain copy right law and use tools to avoide it.
  1. Most have Committed Copyright Violation (Some examples from my teaching are...)
    1. Scanning published documents and uploading them.
    2. Students creating Poster (digital or hard copy) and using pictures without permission.
    3. Avatars on Edmodo...
  2. It's an Important part of Digital Citizenship
    1. To be aware of intellectual property and how it's being used.
    2. To give credit when using someone else's work.
    3. We want our students to create using technology, but we need to show them how to do it ethically...
  3. An Overview of Copyright Laws and Fair Use
    1. Must be original, creative and tangible...
    2. Applies to:
      1. Literary
      2. Musical
      3. Dramatic
      4. Pantomimed
      5. Pictorial/Graphic/Sculptural
      6. Motion Picture/Audio Visual
      7. Sound Recordings
  4. Some Solutions
    1. Creative Commons
    2. Public Domain
      1. Library of Congress
    3. Filtered Search