2018 By the Numbers

Any way you cut it, 2018 was a phenomenal year for me personally and on a professional level as well. Here are a few milestones reached and some numbers that reflect how I spent my time this past year:

  • 20 Years of marriage
  • 19 years in education
  • 35 papers written for administrative credential program
  • 300 hours logged for administrative credential program (Sept-Dec)
  • ~40 youth basketball practices/games coached
  •  ~40 youth soccer practices/games coached
  •  ~60 youth baseball practices/games coached
  • Zero 18 hole rounds of golf
  • 8 European countries traveled to/through
  • 12,831.7 miles traveled by plane, train, bike, water taxi, for said European vacation
  • ~1200 miles of exercise (walking/jogging/biking/hiking)