The "MacGyver" iPad Sync/Charge Solution


Over the last few months I have been helping to support the role out of iPads among the special education staff in my district. It's been quite the learning experience--from researching the volume app purchase program to creating a catalog of best apps to designing a web portal full of relevant information for staff to reference. I will write more about those at a later time, for now I want to share the cheap portable syncing and charging station we are trying out.
You can see from the pictures that it is just a simple plastic Office Depot portable file box with a few accessories mounted to it. These include a 7 port Targus USB hub, a power strip and a cable lock wound through the corner where a hole has been drilled. In addition another hole has been drilled near the top so that the iPad cables can be put through. This allows for the iPads to be locked in the box over night while charging.

I would be very interested to hear what solutions other districts have been using. Have you spent the money on an expensive one from companies like Bretford or have you finagled your own solution simalar to ours? Also any feedback you can provide would be helpful!