Thoughts on "Spoiled Rotten", Alfie Kohn Washington Post Article

Here's an interesting article by anti assessment and grades in school crusader Alfie Kohn.?? He refutes the claims by many (I know that I have thought it many times) who seem to think that today's kids are too coddled by their parents.?? I know that each generation decry's the way successive generations are raised, but I do wonder what kind of effect technology, specifically social networking sites like twitter, working in combination with cell phones will have on a whole generation growing up thinking that what they're doing at the moment is so important that everyone wants to know.?? And too, when I see kids who are with friends or parents but have their attention on text messaging their "network" rather than actually spending quality time with the people physically around them at the moment, I cringe (make no mistake, I am guilty of this as well).?? I can't help but wonder, are we in the process of creating the most narcissistic generation in history?