GEG WA Show #7: Meet Karen Foley

  1. Meet a Community Member:  We interviewed Karen Foley, a kindergarten teacher in Ellensburg. You can find her on Twitter @kinderkfoley. She also uses Twitter with her class under the handle @msfoleysfriends. Karen is an ardent user of technology and teachers some technology integration classes for the Ellensburg School District.
  2. Google Classroom Updates: New features in January include the ability to post assignments and announcements to individual students in the class. Also, Teachers are now able to receive email and app notifications on mobile for late work and resubmits. Lastly, Google Classroom can now allow third-party applications to make changes to coursework, such as adding materials.
  3. Teaching Empathy Course: Jeff's company, Eduro Learning is offering a 3 module course around empathy and fake news. More information at 
  4. #EduWin: Eduwin's are descriptions of success stories in education to counteract the negative way that education and educators are sometimes viewed. Justin described how he uses Google Forms and Add-Ons to create a registration system for the counseling department at the high school where he works.