I'm a Certified Google Educator!

Since the start of this year I've been periodically taking the required exams to become a Google Educator.  Last week, I finally achieved the goal by passing the 5th and final exam.  Actually, I passed a week earlier, but because I was over the 90 day limit (you must pass your last exam within 90 days of taking the first one), I had to retake the first two that I had taken in late January and early February.  A little annoying for sure, but I didn't let it stop me.  

In case you want to go for it, you should know that it's 15 bucks per exam and you have 90 minutes to finish the 60 question quiz once you start.  Honestly, I probably knew 60% of the answers off the top of my head, but the other 40 % I ended up doing a simple web search to find the answers.  I completed most of the exams in 60-70 minutes and passed them with 90% accuracy.  Head over to the Google for Education site at http://google.com/edu to learn more.

In addition to the Google Educator certification, I submitted my application to become a Google Education Trainer as well. I should find out in early June, so stay tuned!